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Today the A&A group was forced to close it’s headquarters in New Flagstaff.
Only a small store in the basement will remain to keep up business.
75% of the staff have lost their jobs.
By selling the headquarters back to the city the CEO Alex Delazorra managed to still keep control of the company.
The production has been relocated into the last remaining warehouse of the company.

According to bank officials the A&A group hasn’t had any significant business within the last few months and therefor it was decided to call in the loans. The money from selling the headquarters went directly into payment of the loans.

“Mr. Delazorra, as a private person, still owes the bank a small amount for a loan on his private residence on the outskirt of town, but we are confident that with the restructuring he’s done in the A&A group the loan will be paid back.” said the bank official.

“We’re deeply sorry that Mr. Delazorra’s business faces such tragic times” said the mayor of New Flagstaff. “Mr. Delazorra’s engagement for the town’s community, the children and the poor has been exemplatory. That’s the main reason why the town decided to buy back the building space that Mr. Delazorra had acquired from us a year ago.” he continued. “As a personal friend of Mr. Delazorra I wish him the best of luck, finding his way again.” the mayor said off the record.

Today there was no company official available for comment, rumours are spreading that Alex Delazorra has said to close friends that he might have to go back to his old job. According to the newspaper’s records that would mean that Mr. Delazorra is planning to go back into service as an Lieutenant in the army of the Enforcers. We’ll keep the honored reader updated on the developments.

A&A Fashion Catalogue

On some places in the central towns of each sector girls in short skirts are giving out catalogues of A&A Fashion…


One year ago, the first Wasteland Crafters Market was hosted in Sunshine Corners.

That is cause for a celebration!

The next Wasteland Crafters Market will feature a lot of activities by different organisations.
Of course the A&A Group can’t miss such a great opportunity!

Therefor, A&A Fashion will host the division’s 3rd fashion show, showing new outfits noone has seen yet.

Additionally there will be the 2nd A&A Fashion Contest, this time themed “Trader/Business”!
A&A Vehicles will again sponsor a brand new Interceptor as main prize!
We’re currently negotiating with additional sponsors for more prizes.

But not enough yet, A&A Gambling is also planning to do a special Bingo round at the market!

Come to have fun and socialise!

Saturday 4th, June at the usual spot next to Beau’s Bar in New Flagstaff!

The Wastelands are rough terrain for everyone.

Lucky who has a companion at his side to face the challenges of everyday’s life.

Just because we’re clones doesn’t mean we can’t have serious relationships.

Some happy couples are proof of that.

If you’re jealous, frustrated or just plain simply lonely, Saturday 28th, May might change your life!


Beau’s Bar in New Flagstaff

Saturday 28th, May – 6pm EST (24:00 Euro)

Dress up, bring a smile and hope for a date!

Singles only! Couples need to stay home!

Free entry!

The first 20 females that come in pairs get a bottle of Champagne for free!

Hosted by the A&A Group.

A&A Gambling presents



April 30th, 2158

in the Bunker Bar in

Zanesville (s1)


4pm EST (22:00 Euro)

Buy-in 10 blue chips (Players below Lev20 play for free!).

The money is then divided as prize-money for the first 3 people with all numbers checked.


For those that don’t know BINGO at all here are the rules for the A&A Gambling Version:

1) Everyone has to choose 9 numbers out of 1 to 70. (Everyone will send me a PM with his 9 numbers i.e. 5, 19, 25, 34, 45, 56, 60, 65, 70. Before the game starts everyone must have sent his numbers and paid the gaming fee.)
2) The Game Master then announces random numbers from 1 to 70. One after the other. (I will /random 70, double numbers don’t count.)
3) The first player to “cross out” all his 9 numbers shouts “BINGO!” and wins.
4) After the first player has crossed out his numbers, we’ll continue to find the 2 runner-ups (money is divided 45/35/20 to ranks 1/2/3).

Please note that everyone has to make sure he calls “BINGO!”, because even if your numbers were called and you would be first, you only win if you really shout out in time!

Please also note that this is a test-run. I don’t know how long this will go on.
Best case: ~1 hour to find the three winners.
Worst case: Either 3 hours until one has 9 correct numbers, or just some minutes because someone is unbelievably lucky.

The A&A Fashion Store’s window in New Flagstaff has a poster in it:

A&A Fashion invites you to join the

A&A “Spring” Fashion Show Competition


Hope Springs ((Barret Manor in s2))


April 24th, 2158 – 4pm EST (22:00 Euro)

Come in your fanciest spring themed outfit
to the backside of the town hall where the
catwalk will be situated and win one of 3
grand prizes!

A&A Vehicles is sponsoring one
Interceptor with Dye Kits
as the main prize of the competition
as well as chips for the winner and
the runner-ups!
Additional sponsors are welcome!

The rules of the competition are:

1) Clones have to actually wear clothes to participate.
2) The outfit has to fit the “spring” theme to have a chance to win.
3) Members of the jury are not allowed to participate.

Good luck to all participants!


(( If you want to sponsor this event please send CHIPS ONLY to Alex Delazorra.
The chips I receive will be distributed to places 1-3 as follows:
1st Place – 45% + the Interceptor with Dyes
2nd Place – 35%
3rd Place – 20%

All sponsors will be listed with names in the after-event report on this site.
Clarifying the rules:
1) We do not want people to wear top OR pants/skirt/shorts but BOTH. Armor does typically not count as clothes, however if it fits the overall impression of an otherwise correctly “themed” ouftit it will be taken into account.
2) Hints: spring means “flowers”, “hormons”, “growing”, “nature”, “april’s weather”, “awakening”, etc.
3) If you want to take part as a member of the jury, please contact me here or Alex Delazorra ingame.))

We buy

A&A Commodities is buying the following materials:

Pale Chemical – 50 blue chips each
Bright Chemical – 3 red chips each
Dark Chemical – 5 red chips each

Light Paint and Dye Kits – 7 red chips each
Pale Paint and Dye Kits – 7 red chips each
Dark Paint and Dye Kits – 9 red chips each
Rainbow Paint and Dye Kits – 15 red chips each
Medium, rare, pure or royal paint and dye kits – 5 red chips each

Crimson masks – 4 red chips each
Leather skirts – 5 red chips each
Skull and Starburst Cowboy Hats – 1 red chip each

If you are willing to sell any of those at the given rates, please contact our CEO Alex Delazorra ingame.

The A&A Group

The A&A Group has been installed in 2158 by the fiancees Alex Delazorra and Anais Lazorra.

The basic idea was to have a fashion company called A&A Fashion that would bring style back into the wastelands.

Shortly after their first fashion show at one of the wasteland crafters markets, they decided to diversify their business due to market reactions.

Therefor the A&A Group was initiated, containing the companies A&A Fashion, A&A Vehicles, A&A Vaults, A&A Commodities and A&A Gambling.

Since then the A&A Group offers a wide variety of products and materials to their customers.

At the time of the 2nd A&A Fashion show, the group was already well known in the wastelands.

Even tho their personal situation changed drastically shortly after installing the A&A Group, by breaking up their afiancee, they still ran business together. Then one day, Anais left for the great wall and was never heard of again. Since then Alex Delazorra is running the business as lone CEO.

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